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Project Development

87% of the funds go directly to the investors
13% of the funds are used for marketing and RAM fees on EOS

How does it work?

Fund EOS smart contract with any amount > 10.00 EOS and get 3.33% dividends every 24 hours. Forever

Send a certain amount in the EOS to the address of the smart contract or use the invest button above

The smart contract will remember the address of your wallet and the amount of the investment. Use Scatter with our website to send and withdraw your dividends.

Every 24 hours smart contract will add 3.33% of your deposit to your balance as dividends.

That means you will get 3.33% of your investments every 24 hours. Moreover, this will continue forever (while the contract has EOS). For example, in 40 days contract will return 133% of your first deposit.

Withdraw your dividends every 24 hours

Just click "Withdraw" button above and claim your dividends. Dividends updates every minute but you are allowed to withdraw only once in 24 hours

What is the minimum deposit amount?

Minimum deposit is 10.00 EOS. You can add investments anytime. If you reinvesting, contract will automatically add your previous investments to the new ones

100% smart contract

Blockchain-enabled smart contracts have opened a new era of trustless relationships without intermediaries. This technology opens incredible financial possibilities. Our automated investment distribution model is written into a smart contract, uploaded to the EOS blockchain and can be freely accessed online. In order to insure our investors' complete secuirty, full control over the project has been transferred from the organizers to the smart contract: nobody can influence the system's permanent autonomous functioning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The smart contract algorithm on which the project is based is uploaded to the EOS blockchain. This means that the contract takes care of assigning the ownership of tokens to the right addresses at the right times.

We have analyzed ALL the current, pre-existing and announced similar projects with their advantages and vulnerabilities. Using this information, we have optimized and SECURED financial model by setting the distribution atomic and automatic. Most importantly, only OUR smart-the contract was awarded to FULL automation and passed the test of vulnerability.

It is written in a smart contract, no one and nothing can prevent it because it activated the "REFUSAL of OWNERSHIP". The payments will continue, while in the Fund to payoff funds.

The website carries more information function, if for any reason, he will cease to work, it will not affect the DAILY interest payments and receiving deposits.

Yes, we pay you an additional 0.5% reward for every user you refer!
So, if you refer one person who makes a deposit of 100 EOS, then you will be able to withdraw an additional 0.5 EOS every day!
If you do the math then you will see that the per referral rewards add up to a total of 15 EOS or about 15% of the referred user's investments in one month! The only condition is that you should be an existing user of the DAPP, otherwise you won't be able to withdraw any rewards!

87% are distributed back to the community. Rest is used in marketing, staking tokens and buying ram.

Actually, nothing! The Smart contract will be safe with all the balance. And it will continue to pay you every day. It works independently from anyone or anything.

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